Daltonschool Rijnsweerd

Jan Muschlaan 24

3584 GV Utrecht


Public Transport:

From Utrecht Central Station take bus number 28 (previously was number 11) direction Uithof or WKZ. Get out at the stop Rijnsweerd Zuid. Walk a short distance back in the direction you have come from and turn left onto the Pisuisselaan. Next you turn right onto the Bouwmeesterlaan. Cross over the water and go to the left following a narrow path behind the houses. This path has no name. Continue walking along the water till the end of the path. You will see the Dalton School Rijnsweerd to your right. Go to the right and cross the schoolyard to the main entrance of the school.

     The walk takes five minutes. Early on Sunday mornings there are 2 buses per hour and later in the day 4 to 6 buses per hour.

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